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August 16, 2020
The Best Way to Clear Land
There is the traditional way of clearing the land and then there is a forestry mulching method. But let us discuss what is the traditional method of clearing the land. Manually, by your own hand. It is tedious, tiring, and labor driven but it is doable. However, there are limitations to this technique which are: […]
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July 15, 2020
How do you clear heavily wooded land?
In order to clear a heavily wooded land, it is best to do so in an organized manner. So, where do you start? Well you have to: Check out the layout of the land. Know where utilities cables and pipes are located on your land. You do not want to be tripping, cutting, or destroying […]
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June 12, 2020
How much can a forestry mulcher clear in a day?
The machine can clear between 1-3 acres in a day depending on terrain and thickness. Brush, bramble, briars, small saplings and such on flat ground it could do 3 acres in 8 hours pretty easy. But what is a forestry mulcher? A forestry mulcher is a machine that grinds or shreds vegetation into mulch and […]
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