Agricultural Land Clearing With Forestry Mulching

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Agricultural Land Clearing With Forestry Mulching

It’s been years since you last used your fields for planting, or you just came by it and want to make it productive. But when you checked it out, you saw a forest where the field would have been. What can  you do?

You have two choices:

  1. Roll up your sleeve, start cutting and clearing or
  2. Hire a land clearing contractor

Hiring a land clearing contractor would be the obvious choice. 

Land clearing is a process of property development where an area is prepared for the intended purpose by the owner. This purpose might be for pasture, commercial, or residential. Whatever the purpose may be, hiring a land clearing company is a wise choice. But what type of contractor?

There is a traditional contractor who would use multiple machines for clearing, creating a pile of debris, and will be more expensive than a forestry mulching contractor, not to mention that their technique will have a higher environmental impact on the environment.

A forestry mulching contractor utilizes forestry mulcher, forest masticator in land clearing, farmland clearing, pasture clean-up, fence row cleanup, fence line clean up, job site clearing, right of way cutting, utility line right of way clearing, site preparation contractors, residential lot clearing, stump grinding service, and land mulching. 

Forestry mulcher cuts, grinds, and brakes down trees, shrubs in smaller units and leave on the property floor. This does not only make the soil fertile, it also prevents soil erosion. Thus, less environmental impact. Using a single machine means less impact on your pockets too.

To summarize, the advantages of using a forestry mulching contractor are:

  1. Prevents Erosion. The traditional clearing method uses slash and burn techniques in order to clear and prepare the land for agricultural purposes. Yes, it does fertilize the land but burning vegetation residues after slashing expose the soil surface to direct contact with rain. Exposed soil surface erodes easily with rainfall impact leaving gullies on your field. Erosion takes away the fertile topsoil of your field. Moreso, you expose the soils and wind can easily erode them too.
  1. Less Expensive. It uses a single machine. Less operational tools, less costs.

Now that you have cleared your land has been cleared, it is necessary that you maintain it. Yes, it might be an added cost but there are advantages in keeping you property well kept: They are:

  1. Good looking property. Of course anything well maintained looks good. The same applies to a property.
  1. It’s safe and free from pests. By removing their habitat, pests cannot multiply which means that you and your family are safe from harm and whatever diseases these pests carry.

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