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The Best Way to Clear Land

Pbublished on August 16, 2020
Published on August 16, 2020

The Best Way to Clear Land

There is the traditional way of clearing the land and then there is a forestry mulching method.

But let us discuss what is the traditional method of clearing the land.

  • Manually, by your own hand. It is tedious, tiring, and labor driven but it is doable. However, there are limitations to this technique which are:
  • The land area must not be big - If the land is small it is more practical and doable to clear the land by yourself. To hire multiple pieces of machinery will only not be cost-effective but it will be a waste of your time.
  • Land clearing machines may have difficulty in accessing the land due to its terrain. It might be a terrain that is difficult for machines to get to. In this situation, there is no better way than doing it manually.
  • Time is of no concern - If the project has not time-constrained, doing it manually is better than hiring a land clearing contractor. 
  • Cut and grind. This involves using large types of machinery such as excavators, tractors and other similar machines. These will cut down trees and move them to one location. After which all the debris gathered are mowed down and left on the ground.
  • Pushover Land Clearing. This involves moving trees, roots, and all, to another location thereby leaving holes on the ground which can be filled in after all the trees are removed. In this method, brush and weeds are removed independently from trees. Hence, a second sweep of the area is needed to completely clear the land.
  • Burning. Burning provides a fast, efficient, and easy way of clearing your land. However, as with the other methods previously discussed it comes with it own disadvantages, to wit:

There are also methods of clearing that are environmentally friendly while minimizing the disturbance on the soil, they are:


Of all the methods discussed above, forestry mulching is the best way to clear land for the following reasons, as based on the study on potential agricultural and environmental benefits of mulches, using forestry mulchers in lieu of another land clearing machines provides the following advantages:

  • It reduces soil evaporation, conserves moisture, controls soil temperature, reduces weed growth, and improves microbial activities.
  • Mulches could provide economical and environmental advantages to agriculture and landscape
  • Mulches are widely used for the plantation of trees which need no significant care
  • Mulches combat different stress conditions in agricultural lands as well as in landscapes.
  • Mulches improve the aesthetic value of landscapes and the economic value of crops.

It also does not hurt that using the forestry mulching method would leave you not only with a land cleared in a manner that is environmentally friendly but good looking too.

So, if you are looking for a forestry contractor lookup Jonesboro Jack Land Clearing specially if you are in the area of Memphis Tennessee, Little Rock Arkansas, Pocahontas Arkansas, Pigott Arkansas, Baitsville Arkansas, Paragould Arkansas, Lake City Arkansas, Kennett Missouri, Osceola Arkansas, Blytheville Arkansas, Jonesboro Arkansas.

 Jonesboro Jack Land Clearing offers the following services:

  • Reclamation, viewscape, recreational field, 

park, campground, perimeter and overgrowth clearing 

  • Pond clearing and maintenance
  • Golf course creation and maintenance
  • Commercial property maintenance
  • Site preparation, right-of-way and lot clearing
  • Vegetation management
  • Storm damage and disaster cleanup
  • Wildfire prevention 

These services include:

  • Stump removal 
  • Stump grinding
  • Site preparation
  • Fence row cleanup
  • Fenceline clean up
  • Residential lot clearing

To summarize, if you want your land cleared with minimum environmental impact, ready for pasture or agriculture (if that is the purpose you have in mind) and easy to the eyes, the best way to go about it is using the forestry mulching method.

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