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How much can a forestry mulcher clear in a day?

Pbublished on June 12, 2020
Published on June 12, 2020

How much can a forestry mulcher clear in a day?

The machine can clear between 1-3 acres in a day depending on terrain and thickness. Brush, bramble, briars, small saplings and such on flat ground it could do 3 acres in 8 hours pretty easy.

But what is a forestry mulcher? A forestry mulcher is a machine that grinds or shreds vegetation into mulch and leaves it on the ground. They are created either as a mulching attachment for tractors, skid steers or excavators.

Usually, these machines are used by forestry mulching contractors such as Jonesboro Jack Land Clearing for:

  • Reclamation, viewscape, recreational field, 

park, campground, perimeter and overgrowth clearing 

  • Pond clearing and maintenance
  • Golf course creation and maintenance
  • Commercial property maintenance
  • Site preparation, right-of-way and lot clearing
  • Vegetation management
  • Storm damage and disaster cleanup
  • Wildfire prevention 

These services include:

  • Stump removal 
  • Stump grinding
  • Site preparation
  • Fence row cleanup
  • Fenceline clean up
  • Residential lot clearing

Based on the study on the potential agricultural and environmental benefits of mulches, using forestry mulchers in lieu of another land clearing machines provides the following advantages:

  • It reduces soil evaporation, conserves moisture, controls soil temperature, reduces weed growth, and improves microbial activities.
  • Mulches could provide economical and environmental advantages to agriculture and landscape
  • Mulches are widely used for the plantation of trees which need no significant care
  • Mulches combat different stress conditions in agricultural lands as well as in landscapes.
  • Mulches improve the aesthetic value of landscapes and economic value of crops.

Clearing your land even though you do not have immediate use it will still be beneficial to you because:

  • The property will be free of pests such as rats and snakes by removing their habitats. This will have added benefits of keeping you, your family, and neighbors free from the diseases carried by these pests.
  • In relation to the above, clearing the borders of your property discourages some wildlife activity close to your property
  • Doing the maintenance as early as possible prevents vegetation growth which saves on expenses since bigger vegetation is costlier to remove.
  • The property will be prepared and ready for use in the event that you have already determined that purpose that you would use it for.
  • You will end up with a better-looking property

Furthermore, it will reduce the following risks:

  • Trees close to roads pose a hazard to vehicles. Also, overgrowth along roadways tends to force traffic toward the centerline, reducing mutual clearance with on-coming traffic. It also causes heaving and cracking of the road due to root and trunk growth.
  • Overgrowth in intersection right-of-way obstructs the driver’s line of sight and may cause vehicular accidents in these areas. Also, in addition to the sightline obstruction, the growth of brush on the road forces drivers to drive toward the centerline increasing the likelihood of an incident.
  • Low brush and clutter in the shoulder areas degrade maintenance efforts. It also obstructs the clearing of road surfaces.
  • The shadow formed by the trees beside the road creates a canopy that stops the drying of a puddle which might cause an accident. It will also accelerate road deterioration because of the long exposure to moisture. Excessive canopy and growth along roadways diminish lighting conditions. So having it cleared will allow more light in and it will increase visibility.
  • Trees in close proximity to roads increase the number of leaves shed onto the road. The leaves on the road end up hindering the drainage of water and may create slippery driving conditions during a downpour. In addition, it increases the probability of blowdown and ice storm impacts. Because of particular storm impacts (or even randomly), trees and limbs may fall into or over the roadway, impeding traffic, or into utility lines right of way, disrupting service. 
  • Also, moving the clearing limit further from the edge of pavement discourages some wildlife activity close to the road which reduces accidents involving animals.

Forestry mulchers are the best way to go should you need your land cleared and maintained. They are a good choice based on its environmental impact and cost benefits alone. Also, they are fast and they agile enough to get to places that other clearing contractors using bigger machines cannot get access to.

If you are located in Memphis Tennessee, Little Rock Arkansas, Pocahontas Arkansas, Pigott Arkansas, Baitsville Arkansas, Paragould Arkansas, Lake city Arkansas, Kennett Missouri, Osceola Arkansas, Blytheville Arkansas, Jonesboro Arkansas giver Jonesboro Jack Land Clearing. They are located at 3408 Jeridon Cove, Jonesboro, AR 72404 and maybe reached at 870-399-1464.

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